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hi have 

 <asp:DataPager runat="server" PageSize="25" PagedControlID="ProductList" OnPreRender="TablePager" ID="ItemDataPager">

and Productlist is listview PagedControlID

i fill listview from datatable ..

datapager contains rows from listview as PagedControlID is when i fill listview  from datatable (this datatable has less products)..

the listview is updated but datapager is not updated accordingly

how to update datapager when listview is updated
JoCodes 4-Jan-14 3:33am    
Post your code
maulikshah1990 4-Jan-14 3:38am    
I have datatable
and i assign value to listview as

first datatable has count=200


and when filter is used , table count =30;

when i see listviewtemp now , _totalrowcount = 30 ,but the datapager totalrowcount =200

how to update datepager count like listview

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