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I need to put my windows 7 in virtual machine into sleep mode, shutdown and wakeup mode using php script.. is there any chances to do this??

Updated 4-Jan-14 0:50am
Nelek 4-Jan-14 6:51am    
This is a repost, but as the answers here are more valuable than the ones of the other post, please let this message live.

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sivamzcet 4-Jan-14 7:49am    
yesss i knw but i cant get the right solution.. but i made a correct solution just b4 :)

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What does this have to do with Linux, or MySQL ? PHP can't do this. It runs on the server, which I assume you don't want to put to sleep. It generates HTML, which runs in a browser. HTML and javascript cannot put a computer to sleep.
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sivamzcet 4-Jan-14 6:15am    
u wrong.. we can do it one guy replied we can do this by using php system function
Thomas Daniels 4-Jan-14 6:46am    
If you use the PHP system function, you shut down the computer that runs the server. There is no way to shut down the computer of the client.
sivamzcet 4-Jan-14 7:57am    
we use system('shutdown -t -s ') to shutdown server.. it works :)
now we use system('shutdown -s -m \\vm -t 0') to shutdown virutal machine but it not works.. can u knw to shutdown a remotecomputer by using php?
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Nelek 4-Jan-14 8:08am    
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Thomas Daniels 4-Jan-14 8:32am    
Thank you!

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