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I have developed a appln using VS 2005 , While creating a new project I forgot to check Minimize and Maximize box options..,Now my appln is having only close box.., I want to add Minimize and Maximize box..,can anybody help me on this....?

Thank u .....
Richard MacCutchan 8-Jan-14 4:34am    
Dialog boxes do not have minimise or maximise buttons.
Baakki 8-Jan-14 5:56am    
See, I meant to say my appln panel....

You should be able to enable the maximize/minimize options by doing the following:
0. In your solution, go to the "Resource View" (if you can't see that window, it should be under View->Resource View in the menus).
1. Select your main dialog from the list of resources (by default it's in a folder called "Dialog" and will have a name that starts with IDD_ProjectName).
2. Open your main dialog resource by double clicking.
3. Once opened, select the main window and right click, select "properties".
4. In the properties, there should be the two options you're looking for under "Appearance". Set the maximize/minimize options to true and rebuild.
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KarstenK 9-Jan-14 2:07am    
But than is resizing allowed and you need to handle it properly.
Albert Holguin 9-Jan-14 7:34am    
Resizing is a different option... It gets handled by the framework. Probably doesn't look nice but it works.
you need a resizable frame.

If you have a dialog based app, than you have an interesing problem. Create a new project with a resizable frame, and copy the code-files and missing code in the new project. This will also show you how professional your code is. I write my code in classes and think about "reuse" so this would take me only a few hours.

Else change the styles of your main window/frame in the rc-editor.
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Albert Holguin 8-Jan-14 22:04pm    
You can actually allow a regular old dialog to do this... by default it's disabled, but you can enable it.
KarstenK 9-Jan-14 2:06am    
I believe in clean code, so I would change the project from bottom up. It shouldnt be so hard: copy all code and some parts of the rc-files and I done. I have done it some times...

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