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How to do Datetime UTC Convertion in linq Submit changes method in .net Application?

Thanks in Advance
Richard MacCutchan 10-Jan-14 7:45am    
Conversion to what?
suresh_ed 10-Jan-14 8:27am    
Convert client machine localtime to universaltime by getting client timezone .

I have Dataset with number of columns.I need to convert all datetime fields value to Universal time instead of coding seperately like DateTime.Now.ToUniversalTime() to each field .For that We have any method or property in LINQ Submitchanges().

1 solution


var rows = ds.Tables["client"].AsEnumerable().Select(row => new { id = row["id"], utc = ((DateTime)row["dob"]).ToUniversalTime() });

This example creates a new object array list with new properties 'id' and 'utc'. You can replace this with a known class type or use to create a new list with all data in utc.

To replace all date time fields in one go, do this:
first get a result of all the date time fields,
var dateTimeFields = from column in ds.Tables["client"].Columns.Cast<DataColumn>()
                                 where column.DataType == typeof(DateTime)
                                 select column;

then set the new value for each Datetime field in each row:

            foreach (var row in ds.Tables["client"].AsEnumerable())
                foreach (var field in dateTimeFields)
                    row.SetField(field.ColumnName, row.Field<DateTime>(field.ColumnName).ToUniversalTime());
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Karthik_Mahalingam 10-Jan-14 21:24pm    
but submitchanges is used in Linqtosql rite ??
you have used datatable.
njammy 10-Jan-14 21:32pm    
That's right just for illustration. In my example the rows states are set to modified so you can submitchanges back.

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