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I have a psychic email readings business and I need some software to help me:

-Customer orders psychic reading with chosen psychic, using jotform embedded on my site.
-Jotform sends the notification with relevant details to the psychic
-Psychic does the reading in a word document them emails it to the customer

What I would like:
-Customer orders psychic reading with chosen psychic, using jotform (can also use a different form provider if that helps).
-Details get emailed to the psychic via jotform but also sent to a database (attached to a MySQL db I'm guessing)/plugin on my site.
-The Psychic logs in and accesses the customer details on site, then uploads or inputs reading into wordpress text editor.
-When done psychic presses a button that creates a pdf of this.
-This pdf gets emailed to the customer by the software, but the customer also has the choice to login to the members area to read the email straight from the website.

So really what I am wanting is some kind of CRM function combined with a membership plugin type thing, to keep track of customer's data and realise when an old customer is buying a reading so it does not create a new record, but accesses and adds to the existing customer records.

Ideally the customer would also then be sent a password and login and be able to access their reading via the wordpress site. Also ideally past readings would stay on there, and they could look over old readings once logged in.

I'm wondering what kind of price range I can expect to get a piece of software like that written?


Richard MacCutchan 12-Jan-14 11:36am    
Ask the psychic.

Not the right website: we don't do contract software for people.
Try (or whatever they are called this week) - that's what they specialise in.

But... be cautious. You get what you pay for: pay peanuts, and you will get monkeys...
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SoMad 11-Jan-14 18:30pm    
Not really sure why you answered this one. She is psychic, she already knew all this. :laugh:

Soren Madsen
Thanks for your answer OriginalGriff, I'll try where you suggested! At this stage I'm suppose I'm more just trying to figure out what to pay for decent software, not top end as I am a small business, but I don't want monkeys either!!
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