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Dear All,

I am working on Report Builder 3.0, and i have a doubt. Please Help.

I am successful in generating a report using report builder 3.0, But exporting to Word or Excel formats only. I have one data source and 5 - 6 data sets.

Is there any possibility that to open my report (created in report builder 3.0) in web application? I need to have web site application, where people from anywhere can just log-in and give particular data (select a date range ) and get the required data.

Is any such thing possible, if yes please guide me with required materiel. I hope some integration would help me . but don t know how to proceed.

Please help...


1 solution

Your report runs in the browser, which means it generates HTML. ASP.NET is just an engine for creating HTML. Your aspx page does not need any server side controls at all, to work. It can be any HTML script you like, including server side controls to generate that HTML.
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Member 9903636 21-Jan-14 0:20am    
Thanks for reply.

Can you provide me some link for reference.

Christian Graus 21-Jan-14 0:21am    
I can't imagine why you need a link. Take the HTML you use to create your reports, and put them in an ASPX page.
Member 9903636 21-Jan-14 0:51am    
I want to give access to our client for Ad-hoc report from our application.

it's possible to access SSRS Report builder from .net application?

Christian Graus 21-Jan-14 0:59am    
I don't know, but if it's html then the answer is yes.

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