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I had created a makefile for my simple C application.
I am able to create object and library file through makefile sucessfully.
I had written a code snippet for executable file also, but somehow its not working.
Here is the code for executable in makefile:
$(BIN)/EXT: $(OBJ)/EXT.o (respective dep. file paths)
  $(CCC) -o $@ $(OBJ)/EXT.o .a (respective dep. file paths) $(CLDFLAGS) $(CLIBPATHS) $(CLIBS)

How to get the executable from makefile?

Help me out please!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks in advance. :-O
Updated 6-Apr-10 23:42pm

Poonamol wrote:

Shouldn't be $(CC)?
What error (or unexpected behaviour) did you get?
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Here is my makefile:

tools: $(TOOLS)
all: $(TARGETS) $(TOOLS)
install: all
@echo " Nothing to install, done!"
rm -f $@
$(CCC) -c -+ $< $(CCFLAGS)
$(MV) *.o $(OBJ)
$(BIN)/EXT: $(OBJ)/EXT_SRR.o $(OBJG)/CSG.o $(OBJG)/CSG_inter.o $(OBJR)/CSR.o
$(CCC) -o $@ $(OBJ)/EXT_SRR.o $(OBJG)/CSG.o $(OBJG)/CSG_inter.o $(OBJR)/CSR.o $(CLDFLAGS) $(CLIBPATHS) $(CLIBS)
$(LIB)/libEXT_SRR.a: $(OBJ)/EXT_SRR.o
rm -f $@
$(AR) $(AR_FLAGS) $@ $(OBJ)/EXT_SRR.o

Using this i am able to get object file and lib file.
What is the issue with my executable file in BIN folder?
(CCC) is working fine for me.

I am not receiving any error, but my file is not gets created in BIN folder.
Please help me out.
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Since we do not know, what is the variable BIN ,
try to replace all $(BIN)/EXT in your file
with /usr/poony/my_out.executable
(here poony is your user apartment),
just for a test... :)
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BIN is the path where my exe "EXT" is stored.

[EP]What path is it, please ?[/EP]
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BIN contains ../common/EXT_SRR/bin

and executable file name is "EXT".
this EXT file should get created and placed it into that BIN directory.

Help me out ASAP.
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