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I have made a document -level excel workbook solution in Vs 2012 in which i have modified existing excel . Now i need to share it with the users . But my problem is i will have to install it on users computer using either windows installer or click once . I want that users dont have to install this solution rather i want to share my solution in a folder so that they can just open that modified excel . Please give me pointers if i can do that ?
Richard MacCutchan 18-Jan-14 4:46am    
It is not clear what you are trying to share, the program that does the modification, or the resulting Excel workbook.
prejval2006 18-Jan-14 5:41am    
i have added a custom ribbon on an existing excel using excel workbook 2013 in vs2012 .Now i need to share this excel solution with the users but it needs installation on user desktop I want it to be shared in a folder with all pre requisite so that there is no need to install it .
Richard MacCutchan 18-Jan-14 5:47am    
OK, so put it in a shared folder that your users can get access to.
prejval2006 18-Jan-14 5:50am    
i can they just open that excel and start working ?
Richard MacCutchan 18-Jan-14 5:55am    
It depends what they are going to do with it. If this single Workbook is to be shared between multiple users then you are likely to have problems, if more than one person tries to update it at the same time.

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Actually your are not modified your excel, you have just create plugin for excel. so if you need to share that plugin to other user, they need to install it over their system, as user will install it over their system installer will add your developed plugin to excel and it will appear to user's excel app. so for sharing it, you need to create windows installer or just publish your plugin so it will create click once setup, this is only way you can share your plugin.
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prejval2006 18-Jan-14 6:01am    
No its not plugin . Plugin is at application level . I am doing it at document level that is modifying am existing excel .
prejval2006 18-Jan-14 6:12am    
There are a few ways you can deploy the customization.
1)You can store all of the assemblies and the excel file in a folder and run the application that way (if the excel file is passed around, the users must pass around the entire folder).
2)You can run an setup program that installs the assemblies to a specific folder on the users computer, and specifies the manifest at that location (if the excel file is passed around, the users must also pass around the setup program).
3)You can install the assemblies in a network location and specify in the document properties, that the manifest and the assemblies are all at that network location (if the excel file is passed around, nothing needs to be passed along with it - but there are security settings that need to be made. Read this page for more information).

I want it to use first option . Can you guide me how to do it ?

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