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I have three Table One is "Allowance " ,"Balance" and "TimeoffRequests" in these three table common columns are "EmployeeId" and "TimeoffTypeId", Now i need to get the requested hours of one leave type by grouping thier timeoffTypeId and EmployeeId from the table "TimeoffRequests" , and got the "TimeOffHours". for the i wrote the code like

Var query = (from tr in TimeOffRequests   where  tr.EmployeeID==9
     group tr by new { tr.EmployeeID, tr.TimeOffTypeID } into res
    select new { EmployeeID=res.Key.EmployeeID,
            TotalHours = res.Sum(x => x.TimeOffHours) }).AsEnumerable();

resultant grouped data
Now i need to join these results with the first table and have to get the all the employees, and timeoffTypes from the UserAllowance (which contains 6 records) and corresponding "TimeoffHours" from the grouped table. for getting left joined query i wrote like below.

var requestResult = (from UA in UserAllowances
   join UB in UserBalances on UA.EmployeeID equals UB.EmployeeID
   where UA.TimeOffTypeID==UB.TimeOffTypeID && UA.EmployeeID==9
    && UA.TimeOffType.IsDeductableType == true      // LeftJoin

    join rest in query  on UA.EmployeeID equals rest.EmployeeID into penidngRequst
                              from penReq in penidngRequst.DefaultIfEmpty()
                             where penReq.TimeOffTypeID ==UA.TimeOffTypeID

                             select new EmployeeTimeOffBalanceModel
                                 TimeOffTypeID = UA.TimeOffTypeID != null ? UA.TimeOffTypeID : 0,
                                 YearlyAllowanceHrs = (UA.YearlyAllowanceHrs != null) ? UA.YearlyAllowanceHrs : 0,
                                 BalanceHours =  UB.BalanceHrs != null ?  UB.BalanceHrs : 0,
                                  PendingHours  = (decimal)((penReq != null) ? (penReq.TotalHours) : 0),
                                  EmployeeID = UA != null ? UA.EmployeeID: 0,


it is giving only "timeOffType" containing in grouped data(instead of 6 records it's giving 3 records),even though i wrote leftjoin for the query using the "into" and "DefaultIfEmpty()" keywords. the results becomes as like:

The result as[^]

and by using the "linqPad" editor i found that it is  applying the "Cross" or "Outer Join" instead of "left join" what will be the reason.

if i remove this line of code " where penReq.TimeOffTypeID ==UA.TimeOffTypeID" this showing all the timeoffTypes with crossjoin with repeatation like

The reultant data[^]

How can i achieve left join with tables with Grouped data and showing null values if timeofftypes didn't having the  any request?

Thank you.

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