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I am now reading "C++ How To Program(8th edition)" book. I have looked at that's list of chapters, but I didn't see topics for working with databases or working with I/O ports in computer. Maybe there is in next chapters but I am not sure! Is there those topics in this book and Is a good reference for them, this book?

For another question I wish to know what is the best database being matched with c++?

Richard MacCutchan 5-Feb-14 4:47am    
The best database is the one that matches all, or most of, your requirements.
hor_313 6-Feb-14 3:56am    
Thank you!
What about Microssoft SQL Server?
Richard MacCutchan 6-Feb-14 4:28am    
Well that is one database system that is very popular.

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Well, a book about C++ (in depth or not) should not contain any topics about databases. Books like one you read is about C++ standard, and database programming is not part of it.
There are several libraries and techniques to implement database client application. Each of them are complicate enough to write a single book about. So you should look up for specific literature and tutorials such as "C++ database programming", "OLE DB and ODBC Developer's Guide" or something like that.

1. Data Access Programming[^]
2. MFC. Creating a Database Application[^]
3. ADO : 101-level tutorial[^]
4. Managing database operations using ADO and C++[^]
5. Accessing: MySQL Database using MySQL C API[^]
6. etc.

Good luck :)
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hor_313 5-Feb-14 11:10am    
Thank you Skydger!
I have read somethings about Microsoft SQL Server in undergraduate and about SQL server language and concepts. Now, want to use database for image-processing with openCV and c++ language. What do you suggest for this purpose?

I've mentioned SQL only you know, I know a little about databases and now, want to use it.
If there is a better choice than SQL for c++ tell me.

skydger 6-Feb-14 4:33am    
Hello, I've updated solution with some links. I hope it could be useful.

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