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how to check internet connection is available or not ?

i want to like CHECK internet connection is lost.
that time my windows base application popup windows "Your internet connetion is lost. "

AND my system in domain. "xyz.local"

thank you ,
Updated 7-Feb-14 2:39am

To do this I have a HelloWorld HttpHandler registered on a WebServer.

This is a simple handler with a simple HelloWorld response.

I use the WebRequest object to call this handler. If I get the HelloWorld response then I'm online.
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using System.Net.Sockets;

public Form1()

//Calling method to test if connected .

private bool Method() //Third way, slightly slower than Method 1

//Tes for internet connection.
TcpClient tcpClient = new TcpClient("", 80);
//Provides client connections for TCP network services

//close if conneted.

//write what ever to want it to do here

//show value of connected or disconnected.
pbConnection.Value = 80;
lblLable.Text = "Connected ";

return true;
catch (System.Exception ex)
//if not connected
lblLable.Text = "Disconnected";
return false; //Not connected
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