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Make a overloaded constructor of a class with mandatory implementation in the inherited class in c#

Class A with constructor A(string A1, string A2)

Class B inherits class A

In this inheriting class I want to mandate the implementation of the base constructor A(string A1, string A2)

If this is not used in the inheriting class compilation error should come for class B.

Thanks in advance for the help

Updated 13-Apr-10 4:47am

You can't mandate it like you can with a method overload, as constructors are not inherited. Equally, if you try and compile new B ("Foo", "Bar") against your example above, you'll get a compile error, so in most circumstances (e.g. non-reflective and non dynamic (in the C# 4 sense) code this shouldn't be a problem.
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Constructors can't be abstract

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