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Im drawing a UML class diagram for my coursework, im a bit stuck, basically This is the brief

A nation-wide chain of car rental shops wants to take advantage of Web technology,
in particular, to change the way that it operates. The main change is to allow members
to use their Web browsers to look through its stock titles, make reservations and rent
cars for delivery to any location within a certain distance from any one of its shops.
Currently, prospective members have to go in person to their local branch of the car
chain and pay a joining fee. A member of staff at the branch then issues a membership
card, which is used to reserve or rent cars. Members can only rent from the stock
available at the branch where they joined.

The owners want to simplify the membership procedure as follows. People can use a
Web browser to join the scheme by providing credit card details as well as their
postcodes, which allows the company to perform a credit check and locate their home
address while the prospective member waits. Once a membership application has been
accepted, the member can browse the stock of cars and find out when their choice
will be available for rental from the branch nearest to the member’s home.
The new software system should enable a member to reserve a car in advance or
request its delivery if it is available. The local branch would deliver it to the requested
address for a small charge. The normal car loan period is 48 hours. The member
would either return the car to the branch in person or request its collection for an
additional charge, a service that must be asked for when the rental request was made.

my questions is that i can add arrows such as association, dependency, generalization, include and extend.

In what scenarios would i use each?

for example what i've got so far is this

The user one one side and then the admin on the other

ive got a bubble saying "Join Scheme" then 2 arrows called postcode and credit card number linked to that, What arrows would i use to link the join scheme, postcode and credit card number bubbles?

then in turn what arrow would I link from join scheme to the user?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 14-Feb-14 1:32am    
Sorry I don't know how to help; I would only note that, as I realized, Visio is a really bad tool, not good to work with, not for UML diagramming. Several years ago, we needed our UML tool, and decided to build it from scratch in our company; ant it was completed in a reasonably short time frame; I am even afraid to imagine the troubles we would have if we tried to start with Visio, which was one of the options...

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