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In my windows 8 app we are using WCF service to fetch the data, in the app images are displaying with the image urls like "".

In the xaml i am using image tag to display the image like this.
<Image Margin="0"  Source="" Height="100" Stretch="UniformToFill"   HorizontalAlignment="Left"   VerticalAlignment="Top"  Style="{StaticResource ImageFadeInStyle}"/>

i want to display the image in such a way that if resolution changes i want another image to be displayed. can you please suggest any ideas.

thanks in advance.
Updated 17-Feb-14 5:38am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 17-Feb-14 12:51pm    
What is the content of the image? Do you really have to use pixel graphics?

1 solution

See this link[^].
From this, you can get Resolution of your Image.
Now what you have to do is, once you get the particular resolution, put a check and within it write some logic to change the image.

Hope this info will help you. Give it a try.
Good Luck :)

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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 17-Feb-14 12:54pm    

Resolution of the image is a "fictional" metadata element. It does not affect the view of the bitmap in any way. People often call the size of something in pixel "resolution". This is a misnomer. OP probably means to detect screen size in pixels, and depending on it, re-sample images to some different size.

So, this answer won't be helpful.


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