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Hello All

I am working on a c# windows form application. It requires me to import data from excel sheet to sql server through the application. What would be an optimized way to do the same?

However, before I insert the data from excel I need check check whether a duplicate record exists in the table or not. If it already exists, I ignore that row and proceed ahead with insertion of unique rows.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Updated 3-Mar-14 6:32am
Maciej Los 3-Mar-14 12:44pm    
What have you done till now? Where are you stuck?
KingOfKop 3-Mar-14 12:50pm    
I am able to retrieve the data from an excel to a data table. However I am not showing it in my application(or a gridview) as it should directly go to DB on button click.

However, before I insert, I need to verify in DB if duplicates exists or not. I am stuck at this point. I also need to prompt the user the list of duplicates (maybe in a message box) after the operation is completed.

I advice you to bulk insert into a temporary table then make it unique (and other checks if you like) on the database. I think this technique both faster and safer.


and see here:[^]
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Maciej Los 3-Mar-14 13:05pm    
Nice, but OP wants to copy data using WinForm. A4!
Vedat Ozan Oner 3-Mar-14 14:32pm    
yes. winform. I didn't write all steps:
1- interop.excel -> saveas(temp.csv)
2- bulk insert(temp.cvs)
3- insert unique raws to real table.
4- check them (with user)
or some other combinations :)
since OP doesn't provide any code, I've just provided a possible solution.
Good to go...[^][^]
private void Import_To_Grid(string FilePath, string Extension, string isHDR)
    string conStr="";
    switch (Extension)
        case ".xls": //Excel 97-03
            conStr = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["Excel03ConString"]
        case ".xlsx": //Excel 07
            conStr = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["Excel07ConString"]
    conStr = String.Format(conStr, FilePath, isHDR);
    OleDbConnection connExcel = new OleDbConnection(conStr);
    OleDbCommand cmdExcel = new OleDbCommand();
    OleDbDataAdapter oda = new OleDbDataAdapter();
    DataTable dt = new DataTable();
    cmdExcel.Connection = connExcel;
    //Get the name of First Sheet
    DataTable dtExcelSchema;
    dtExcelSchema = connExcel.GetOleDbSchemaTable(OleDbSchemaGuid.Tables, null);
    string SheetName = dtExcelSchema.Rows[0]["TABLE_NAME"].ToString();
    //Read Data from First Sheet
    cmdExcel.CommandText = "SELECT * From [" + SheetName + "]";
    oda.SelectCommand = cmdExcel;
    //Bind Data to GridView
    GridView1.Caption = Path.GetFileName(FilePath);
    GridView1.DataSource = dt;

Simple workaround:
-> Simply declare and fill a datatable
-> insert one by one record by checking the duplicates
--> If record not exists, go and add to datatable
--> If record exists, leave and go to Next
-> you can bind the datatable to SQL table
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Maciej Los 3-Mar-14 13:04pm    
"insert one by one record by checking the duplicates" - inefficient solution! That's the reason of 3!
Here is very interesting article: Import MS Excel data to SQL Server table using C#[^]. Chnage the code to your needs ;)
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