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i get this Unhandled exception.
Invalid object name dbo.FakturaDb_Faktura

But the table name is like that, whats the problem?

var dt = new DataTable();

           const string constring = @"Data Source = MARTIN; Initial Catalog = FakturaDB;Integrated Security = True";
           using (var con = new SqlConnection(constring))
               using (var cmd = new SqlCommand("SELECT * FROM dbo.FakturaDB_Faktura", con))
                   dataGridViewAllaFakturor.ColumnCount = 1;
                   cmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
                   using (var sda = new SqlDataAdapter(cmd))

                       dataGridViewAllaFakturor.AutoGenerateColumns = false;
                       dataGridViewAllaFakturor.ReadOnly = true;

                       dataGridViewAllaFakturor.Columns[0].DataPropertyName = "FakturaNr";
                       dataGridViewAllaFakturor.Columns[0].Name = "FakturaNr";
                       dataGridViewAllaFakturor.Columns[0].HeaderText = @"FakturaNr";
David_Wimbley 4-Mar-14 11:34am    
Make sure your username that you are using to connect (looks like windows auth) has the proper permissions on that schema.
Amalraj Ramesh 4-Mar-14 11:42am    
check dbo.FakturaDB_Faktura is exist or not in FakturaDB

need more info about error in which line did u get this error...

Run this SELECT * FROM dbo.FakturaDB_Faktura query in visual studio to check if it is working on the database.
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Kurac1 4-Mar-14 11:40am    
i Solved it should be
Try this,
SELECT * FROM [dbo].[FakturaDB_Faktura]

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