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I am trying to implement a state machine as a part of a class called" Source Transaction". Evey-time I receive a request in the main thread, it generates an instance of this class and the state machine starts executing until it reaches a state where it has to wait for a response in the main thread in the "event_handler". To solve this issue, I am implementing a conditional variable using boost libraries as following:

Source Transaction Class

boost::mutex mut;
	boost::condition_variable cond;


		boost::unique_lock<boost::mutex> lock(mut);
		while (!response_received)

		response_received = false;
		goto success_state;

And in the main file I have the following:

Main Class

Event_Handler function:
// Find the source transaction which corresponds to this Indication
src_transaction_ptr t;
tpool->find(msg.source(), mobile_id.to_string(), t);
    boost::lock_guard<boost::mutex> lock(t->mut);
    t->response_received = true;
// Dome some stuff

My problem is, every-time I execute the code, the state machine gets trapped in the "wait_ho_complete_indication_state" and it doesn't leave that state ,and additional to that the event_handler doesn't report that it has received any event. Like the main is being hanged.

So my question is there any problem in the implementation of the conditional variable?

Thanks a lot.
David Serrano Martínez 15-Mar-14 8:47am
Your implementation seems the canonical one, as described in:
The only difference is that you get out of scope with a goto jump. Does it anything to do with your unique_lock correctly going out of scope? I really do not know. Perhaps you will have to try some little alternatives in order to figure out what it is going on.
Mr.HA-AS 15-Mar-14 9:29am
Hi, I am following exactly the Boost documentation. I even tried to implement it without the goto jump. But I still get the same problem.
What other alternatives do you suggest? Also if you want more information, please check
David Serrano Martínez 15-Mar-14 14:19pm
It is quite difficult to find an answer with only fragments of code. Maybe the problem lies in the notification part. Perhaps notify_one is never reached. I suppose "tpool->find(msg.source(), mobile_id.to_string(), t);" invokes some t methods. Are you sure after those invocations the mutex in t is properly released?

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