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i had developed directshow transform filter using Dshow app wizard, it is running fine while using with graphedit.

i had created gui in mfc, and load a source file, this transform filter by changing the define guid's to static guid's in itranform.h file, the gui worked fine it loads and render video in the respective panel as i need.

but in some systems the transform filter is not working with this gui, it raises error in copy function in the transform filter in meant the destination IMediasample buffer size is lower than the source Imediasample buffer size. this happen from the 2nd frame . so the assert(ldestsize>=lsoursesize); create assertion error. it means the destiname buffer size is lowered for some reasom so this assertion caused. but in some some system works very fine both buffer size are always equal and run the video fine.

please help me anybody, we are in rush have to show cit in client system, but it is not running there. very pressured.

please help me somebody, please, please.

The upstream filter query to change media type at runtime you pass that and ignore in your code, but the upstream filter allocates buffer according changed media type and you get's an exception.
Another reason: you specify buffer size for allocator which is not enougth for your needs, try to specify large size.

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