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i have table supportContacts where sizeid has id's seprated by comma

now i want to fetch all records where size id has 1 in it ??

below is link

it works fine when i search for one id

now i want to select all column have size id 1 or 2!2/30bd2/2[^]

for that i have written query

select id, sizeid from supportContacts
WHERE FIND_IN_SET('1,2',sizeid)

which does not work ? any help
Updated 22-Mar-14 23:23pm

1 solution

You should use the next query:
select id, sizeid from supportContacts
WHERE FIND_IN_SET('1',sizeid) OR FIND_IN_SET('2',sizeid)
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garav kumar mishra 23-Mar-14 6:30am    
hey but i don not want to user OR if in case i have to search for large number of records like 1,2,3,4,56,7 etc then ??
CHill60 23-Mar-14 6:42am    
Are you able to change your database schema? Instead of having a column with multiple values in it (=poor design) have a table to hold the one-to-many related sizeids
garav kumar mishra 23-Mar-14 7:27am    
yeah i can change it but i will be more complicated as i have lot of things dependent upon that any way to get result from query ??

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