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Hello everyone,

I have made one Rest service in WCF (demo) , which gives me output as : {"GetEmployeeJSONResult":{"Id":101,"Name":"Sumanth","Salary":5000}}

Now i have created one website in in which i am calling this rest service through AJAX JSON...

my code is as below:
<script type="text/javascript">
       $(document).ready(function () {
           //            $.getJSON("http://localhost/SampleService/Service1.svc/getJson?callback=?", null, function (data) {
           //                alert(data.Name);
           //            });

           var endpointAddress = "http://localhost/SampleService/Service1.svc";
           var url = endpointAddress + "/GetJson";
               type: 'GET',
               url: url,
               dataType: 'jsonp',
               contentType: 'application/json',
               data: "{}",
               success: function (result) {


You could see that i have accessed service through both AJAX and getJSON methods..

now when i am making a alert of data , it shows me output as undefined..
i have tried :
alert(result.d.length) , alert(result.d.GetEmployeeJSONResult)... but always shows me as both methods..

Please help me out how to handle this..

Thanking you in advance.


1 solution


Try this :

var result = data.GetEmployeeJSONResult;
var id = result.Id;
var name = result.Name;
var salary = result.Salary;

Or if you want to directly alert try this : alert(data.GetEmployeeJSONResult.Id);

You need to understand how JSON works. Comparing the JSON data with XML for simplification ,here 'GetEmployeeJSONResult' it the main object (parent) , so you have to traverse to it first. And then access the child node values.

P.S. : XML and JSON are totally different .

Let me know if this solves your problem.
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