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For a school project I have to make the game tic tac toe on a board 9 line by 9 column in java using the minimax algorithm and alpha-beta prunning for artificial intelligence to play against the computer.

The player wins if he successfully aligned 4 X or O . At the beginning of the game, all boxes of the board are enabled, but after the first play , I disable everything and leaves only the adjacent boxes enabled, and so on the boxes are activated ...

The game should have 3 levels and the ability to play either against the computer (IA) or against a friend on the same pc, or with another player on a LAN network , using sockets (a player is the server and the other one is a client)

For the GUI I will use only java swing I guess

Anyone have already made like this project ? I need advices , useful links or tutorials if possible . Thaks :)

1 solution

Start here: wikipedia on Tic_Tac_Toe[^]

They explain the game pretty well.

You should extend the components for the GUI to make them fit your needs.
You can for example create a button that is square and has ether mark X or O on it...
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