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as the default date time picker in the .net Windows form which is for English Calendar. i want to make my own date time picker control for Nepali calender. can anybody suggest me how to begin. i have converting code for the calender from English to Nepali. Can we simply edit date time picker and make it.
thanks in advance..
Herman<T>.Instance 2-Apr-14 3:51am    
See here!

You can create your own user control[^]
Basically it means you put a bunch of controls together that have a logic behind them.

Eg. You could replace the normal datetimepicker with a usercontrol that has a MaskedTextBox[^] and an icon. You can use that with a DateTime object in the background to input and validate datetimes. You could also foresee config for the datetime format, min/max values, inputhandlers (up/down keys eg), etc...

Something similar could be a solution for you, but the question for you to answer is how difficult or complex does it need to be.

Hope this helps.
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CodeProject is your friend; hopefully you can learn from this example of creating a Persian-language DateTimePicker: [^].

You need to keep in mind that: "The DateTimePicker and MonthCalendar control do not reflect the CurrentUICulture property of an application's main execution thread when you created a localized application in the .NET Framework, in Visual Studio 2005, or in Visual Studio .NET" [^].

So, if you want to adapt the DateTimePicker to your language, you must learn how to set the current user-locale of the Application. Again, CodeProject can probably help you: "Culture Aware Month Calendar and DatePicker" [^].
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