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Hi Dears I want to use InProc speech recognition engine in my speech application but I didn't found any thing usefull

here is from microsoft (sapi 5.1)
For large server applications that would run alone on a system, and for which performance is key, an InProc speech recognition engine is more appropriate. In order to create an ISpRecoContext for an InProc ISpRecognizer, the application must first call CoCreateInstance on the component CLSID_SpInprocRecoInstance to create its own InProc ISpRecognizer. Then the application must make a call to ISpRecognizer::SetInput (see also ISpObjectToken) in order to set up the audio input. Finally, the application can call ISpRecognizer::CreateRecoContext to obtain an ISpRecoContext.

The next step is to set up notifications for events the application is interested in. As the ISpRecognizer is also an ISpEventSource, which in turn is an ISpNotifySource, the application can call one of the ISpNotifySource methods from its ISpRecoContext to indicate where the events for that ISpRecoContext should be reported. Then it should call ISpEventSource::SetInterest to indicate which events it needs to be notified of. The most important event is the SPEI_RECOGNITION, which indicates that the ISpRecognizer has recognized some speech for this ISpRecoContext. See SPEVENTENUM for details on the other available speech recognition events.

Finally, a speech application must create, load, and activate an ISpRecoGrammar, which essentially indicates what type of utterances to recognize, i.e., dictation or a command and control grammar. First, the application creates an ISpRecoGrammar using ISpRecoContext::CreateGrammar. Then, the application loads the appropriate grammar, either by calling ISpRecoGrammar::LoadDictation for dictation or one of the ISpRecoGrammar::LoadCmdxxx methods for command and control. Finally, in order to activate these grammars so that recognition can start, the application calls ISpRecoGrammar::SetDictationState for dictation or ISpRecoGrammar::SetRuleState or ISpRecoGrammar::SetRuleIdState for command and control.

When recognitions come back to the application by means of the requested notification mechanism, the lParam member of the SPEVENT structure will be an ISpRecoResult by which the application can determine what was recognized and for which ISpRecoGrammar of the ISpRecoContext.

An ISpRecognizer, whether shared or InProc, can have multiple ISpRecoContexts associated with it, and each one can be notified in its own way of events pertaining to it. An ISpRecoContext can have multiple ISpRecoGrammars created from it, each one for recognizing different types of utterances.
Updated 24-Apr-10 17:27pm

And what - precisely - is your question?
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How to set Audio Input to default microphone for InProc speech recognition engine ?
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Thanks my friend but I was some simple instructions to work with sapi5.1(in vb)
I'm a C# programmer and I have searched a lot but I didn't found any thing useful!
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I googled your question and came up with almost 5000 hits. Among them was this:[^]

I bet if you actually took the time to perfect your google search, you'd find your answer out there somewhere.
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