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I have 5 different text file inside the Main Folder example


inside Main, i have 5 file (test1.txt, test2.txt. test3.txt, test4.txt and test5.txt)

How to read the latest file?
Thomas Daniels 8-Apr-14 5:58am    
Is the file name always test5.txt or can the file also have another name?
KRI19 8-Apr-14 5:59am    
the file can have another name as well.

Add check on Createdon by getting time like below:
static void Main(string[] args)
           DateTime fileCreatedDate = File.GetCreationTime(@"C:\Example\MyTest.txt");
           Console.WriteLine("file created: " + fileCreatedDate);
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you can use

This methods gives the creation date and time of your file.
you can also specify an order or a creation date in your file name.
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You need to list all files in a directory and check which was lastly writen.

Have a look here:
How to: Enumerate Directories and Files[^]
FileSystemInfo.LastWriteTime Property[^]
How to: Read From a Text File (C# Programming Guide)[^]
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public static string ReadLastFile(string dirPath)
    if (!Directory.Exists(dirPath))
      throw new FileNotFoundException();

    var lastFilePath = Directory.GetFiles(dirPath).OrderBy(f => new FileInfo(f).CreationTime).Last();
    return File.ReadAllText(lastFilePath);

You need to handle null states.
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KRI19 9-Apr-14 4:13am    
Thanks! worked fine

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