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Hello everyone,

Found a source to convert PDF to TIFF but I think it has a licence (ABCpdf 6.0 .NET Professional)
Is there a free dll for this like iTextSharp. Can't find a code for converting pdf to tiff using iTextSharp.

Please Help

Adding this to my User Control (Image Viewer)
TIFF and PDF is almost the same so I want to add PDF in Image Viewer
Updated 14-Apr-14 0:50am

1 solution

Have a look here:[^]


You can use Ghostscript to convert the PDF files into Images, I used the following parameters to convert the needed PDF into tiff image with multiple frames :

gswin32c.exe   -sDEVICE=tiff12nc -dBATCH -r200 -dNOPAUSE  -sOutputFile=[Output].tiff [PDF FileName]

Also you can use the -q parameter for silent mode You can get more information about its output devices from here

After that I can easily load the tiff frames like the following

using (FileStream stream = new FileStream(@"C:\tEMP\image_$i.tiff", FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read, FileShare.Read))
    BitmapDecoder dec = BitmapDecoder.Create(stream, BitmapCreateOptions.IgnoreImageCache, BitmapCacheOption.None);
    BitmapEncoder enc = BitmapEncoder.Create(dec.CodecInfo.ContainerFormat);
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Manas Bhardwaj 14-Apr-14 14:14pm    
Yup. iTextSharp is quite good +5!
Maciej Los 14-Apr-14 14:34pm    
Thank you, Manas ;)

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