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I have one table contains huge data(millions of records) simple insert statement taking time in execution.HOw to improve the speed of insertion.i have created index on that table still slow.

INSERT Slows down for table with Large data in sql server

Richard C Bishop 15-Apr-14 10:11am    
Reduce the amount of records you are querying, that is the only way.
GuyThiebaut 15-Apr-14 10:33am    
Is there a clustered index on the table or is the table partitioned.?
If there is then an insert will potentially slow things down because of the way a clustered index and partition works.

1 solution

1. Better to avoid index for improving the performance when INSERT.
2. Confirm the datatype of columns from existing table and new values in the INSERT statment are EXACTLY matching. Inserting different dataformats will take time.
3. Hope the table has a Primary key. Make/create a coulumn as Primary Key
4. Disable triggers if any
5. If possible, try BULK INSERT rather than adding single row.
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Ramug10 16-Apr-14 3:23am    
Thanks for giving reply I don't have any triggers on my table and also have primary key column with identity. if I ignore idex select clause will become slow.

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