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var popup ="PrintRecords.aspx");;
      popup.document.write("<html><head><link rel='Stylesheet' type='text/css' href='Css/Style.css' /></head><body class='background_style'>");

If we click the button in one page, the above block will be called. then it opens a new window with print dialog. If i close the print dialog by using Close Icon(X) , next line is not called(popup.close()).

Why the next line not called?

Your answer will be appriciated.. Thanks..

1 solution

I have no idea why doing all that. There is more healthy approach to printing of Web document. You can use CSS @media rules. Please see:[^].

This is like having "printable version", but in a civilized way. The styles detect what is the media for rendering and apply one or another set of rules.

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