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To further clarify my question I have this very long string that looks like this:
[fied1:"contents of field1 that can contain any kinds of characters with no length limit",field2:"field2 contents",field3:"field3contents and so on", field4:null]

as you can see there are these field name that i called "tag" in my question for easy searching,the values are enclosed in a quotation mark and each field is separated by a comma, now the question is how can i update a certain field on the string without touching the other fields, in this example say i'd like to update the value of field2. What's the best course of action I should take?

Updated 27-Apr-14 1:52am
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 27-Apr-14 7:42am    
There is any particular reason to use this format for your string?
phyxian 27-Apr-14 7:52am    
well its a string format produced by an application im using, but that application does not support an update feature so im trying to make one
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 27-Apr-14 8:03am    
Why not to break it up to a key-value pair list (, that play with it as you wish and create the required string format from that list...
phyxian 27-Apr-14 8:16am    
would it still produce the same format as my example? as i said that string format is created by an application so if i update that string it should still be readable by the application that produced it
BillWoodruff 27-Apr-14 9:42am    
You can be sure if you get an answer from OriginalGriff it is a valid answer, and the best answer ! For learning purposes, if you want to see an example of doing this without using RegEx, just ask here.

1 solution

I would probably use a regex:
public static Regex replaceField2 = new Regex(
    | RegexOptions.CultureInvariant
    | RegexOptions.IgnorePatternWhitespace
    | RegexOptions.Compiled

// Replace the matched text in the InputText using the replacement pattern
string result = replaceField2.Replace(InputText,"new value for field2");
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phyxian 27-Apr-14 8:05am    
thanks for that quick answer though i'll try your solution in a little while, since i got something else i need to finish first. :)
gggustafson 27-Apr-14 13:13pm    
+5 as usual
phyxian 27-Apr-14 20:43pm    
@OriginalGriff, I am now currently trying your solution though I can't seem to make it work, is there suppose to be a reference that I should add to my project for it work? thanks again
phyxian 27-Apr-14 21:09pm    
i was now able to make it work, thank you so much. :)
OriginalGriff 28-Apr-14 3:04am    
You're welcome!

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