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I am a new one to LINQ and EF and trying to convert a query into LINQ.But unable to get it.

select  TU.username,, TL.Logid from TBL_A TU
left join  TBL_B TL on tu.userid = TL.userid
 where TU.teamid = 1001
 and Convert(Date,TL.logindt) = Convert(Date,getdate())
 and logid not in (select logid from  TBL_C where scheduleid = 8)

I have tried different approaches,

Tried to divide the query in subqueries and so on,, but unable to succeed.

ANy help would be appreciated.

1 solution

Can you try the below LINQ query.

Hope that this one helps you out...
You might be needed to check the WHERE clause.

var query =( from TU in TBL_A 
	  join TL in TBL_B on  TU.userid equals TL.userid
	  where TU.teamid = 1001
	  select new 
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VICK 22-May-14 23:59pm    
You have just wrote the respective LINQ for the first part of query.. remaining 2 are still to be implemented and are actually the problematic part for me... :(

and secondly you missed the second where clause as well.. i.e.

and Convert(Date,TL.logindt) = Convert(Date,getdate())
Kumar Prateek 3-Jun-14 10:07am    
Do let us know your solution for the same.
And I have already specified that you need to check the where clause which can be done very easily with the .net libraries.

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