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How do you set the content of single cell of gridview. For example I would like to set the grid cell at row 2, column 3 = 67 like winforms component one grid provides this functionality as c1grid(2,3) = 67. same functionality i need in my app.Many times it is nice to be able to do a series of calculations and write the results directly to the grid. I don't want to bind to anything and I am only interested in the values of a single cell.

can i do this with default gridview in ? or do i need to use any third party grid ? Which third party grid provides such functionality ? i have seen pdf for component one grid for i havent seen any thing that will satisfy my requirement.

Any help? any Idea?
Updated 22-May-14 22:01pm

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use can achieve your requirement using standards Gridview. Use should use RowDataBound event for the same.

in Rowdatabound event use nested for loop to achieve your requirement
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pwavell 24-May-14 2:26am    
i have to bind gridview partialy and that too cell by cell.i have four different select queries whose data i have to bind to grid.each query has different no of rows and columns.Will it be possible with the standard gridview row databound event?
pwavell 26-May-14 3:30am    
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