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i have a project with the ms access database but somehow i convert that ms access db to sql server db.but the problem is that i want to connect the sql db to that project instead of access can i do that.

a demo is here:

OleDbDataReader dr;
    OleDbConnection con;

    //Static Variables to count Number of Total Questions
    static int totalQuest, sel_ans = 0, totalmarks = 0;

    public void connect()
        string CS = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["DBCS"].ConnectionString;
        con = new OleDbConnection(CS);

here it uses the oledb name,but i want to use SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection();

please help.
Updated 27-May-14 9:40am
[no name] 27-May-14 15:43pm    
Help with what? If you want to use SqlConnection then you have to change your OleDbConnection to SqlConnection.

1 solution

" i want to use SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection();"

No, you don't. You want to use IDbConnection = new SqlConnection();
Using the interfaces, rather than the concrete classes, will help you make such changes much easier.

So change your fields to:

IDataReader dr;
IDbConnection con;

See: Simplified Database Access via ADO.NET Interfaces[^]
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