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Hello Friends, I am Brazilian, sorry if my english has some error. I have a very basic question. 'm Inciante in C #, I would like to know a simple way to plot a graph of sine where through a numeric up down box, I can vary the frequency of the graph. I'm using a panel for this task. Thank you! My email to contact is [Edited away].


Christiano De Carli
Caxias do Sul - Brazil
Updated 5-Jun-14 1:27am
S Houghtelin 5-Jun-14 7:23am    
You would do well to remove your email from your post, unless you want a lot of spam. When someone answers your question you will automatically get an email.
ZurdoDev 5-Jun-14 7:24am    
Use the chart control.

You can use your up down box to set the variables in this simple function to generate a sine wave of the desired frequency and sample rate.
class SineGen
    public double phaseCnt = 0;     // Sample location in sine wave
    public double sampleRate = 300; // Number samples in one second
    public double freq = 10000;     // Desired frequency, Default set to 10Khz

    /* Simple Sine Wave Generator
     * Make a call to this function for every point
     * in the wave form.
    public double sineWave()
        double result = Math.Sin(freq * (2 * Math.PI) * (phaseCnt) / sampleRate);
        if (phaseCnt > sampleRate) phaseCnt = 0;
        return result;

Within the loop or timer event you can populate a chart control using following lines of code.
mySineWave = _SineGen.sineWave();
this.chart1.Series["SineWave"].Points.AddXY(_SineGen.phaseeCnt, mySineWave);

For more on chart controls see here: ASP.NET 4.0 Chart Control[^]

Good luck.
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Christiano De Carli 5-Jun-14 7:39am    
What is Zed Graph? How active this function in Visual Studio?

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