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Hi friends,

I want to make a simple project in which VC++ exe calls C# dll's function without using COM functionality. I search it on net but nothing more useful get found. Please suggest me how to do this and also some links for reference.

Thanks in advance

I used Exporting functions in C#/VB.NET to native code[^] for a project that I needed to interface with a third party C# API. I created a C# wrapper DLL and inserted entry points. The DLL simply called the C# API functions.
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First create a static library project in the same solution and turn on Common Language Runtime support. Don't turn on CLR support for the EXE project.

Add a class to the library project(.h + .cpp). Then add your necessary functions to the class and implement them only in the .cpp.

Note: You shouldn't use any .NET framework classes in .h file. For example, take a function
void ShowSomeMessageBox();

Let its implementation be,
void YourClassName::ShowSomeMessageBox()
   System::Windows::Forms::MessageBox::Show("Hello World!");

Here the declaration doesn't of the method has no .NET objects as parameters. That is you can have data types like char, int or std::string as the parameters and not System::String for example.

After this, add reference to the library project in the EXE project properties. Then add the path where you've saved the header file. Then #include the header file. And you can use ShowSomeMessage() method without exposing your whole EXE project source to CLR.

Note: This trick will only work in Visual C++.
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This[^] could interest you.
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