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How to insert the rows from table2 to table1 using where clause on field


table1 columns

date voucherno cashbalance bankbalance narration

table2 columns

date voucherno ledgerhead balance narration

i would like to insert the date on date, voucherno on voucherno, if ledgerhead name is cash then insert the balance to cashbalance else 0,if ledgerhead name is bank then insert the balance to bankbalance else 0, and narration to narration from table 2 to table1.

Answers appreciated......

you can use SQL INSERT INTO SELECT [^]statement
INSERT INTO Customers (CustomerName, Country)
SELECT SupplierName, Country FROM Suppliers
WHERE Country='Germany';
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You may try with:
INSERT INTO table1 (date, voucherno, cashbalance, bankbalance, narration)
SELECT date,voucherno
,Case ledgerhead when 'cash' then balance else 0 end as cashbalance
,Case ledgerhead when 'bank' then balance else 0 end as bankbalance
,narration FROM table2
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Nirav Prabtani 16-Jun-14 8:59am    
e ha ho

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