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I want make code using C#
This code should select a statement from within a textbox and show it on lable when I refer to it with the mouse upon a mousebutton click.

Advice please.
Updated 3-May-10 23:59pm
Michel Godfroid 4-May-10 5:05am    
1) Don't shout. We're not deaf.
2) Try to form a sentence. Since you're from the US, I expect that your grasp of English is at least as good as the rest of us.
Christian Graus 4-May-10 5:07am    
Most of the people who claim to be from the US, do so simply because it is the site default. I guess the site default needs to be changed to India. Most people asking seem to have no respect for the site.
Ankur\m/ 4-May-10 5:27am    
How about detecting the place and showing the same as default (user may change it of course). I am sure this a better idea instead of making India or Australia or whatever place for that matter as default. :)
Dalek Dave 4-May-10 6:01am    
How about not having a default but FORCING the member to select his location.
Chris Maunder 4-May-10 8:49am    
We do detect the location, but IP locating isn't an exact science. Even though, really, it should be.

1 solution

Your question doesn't make much sense. However, it sounds like you want to select the word the mouse is under. You can use the cursor position to work out what word the mouse is in, and use regex or string mashing to extract just that word. The rest is, obviously, trivial. You should try to use intellisense to explore the properties of the controls you're learning to use, and I assume you've worked your way through a basic winforms book before starting to post here.

Don't make your question bold. How annoying.
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