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I have to know how to get week number in a given month and year

I have a inputs as Month,Year

Second is i need to get week starting date for that particular week number

It will be very helpful if you could help me on this
[no name] 1-Jul-14 7:40am
sushma_bhardwaj 1-Jul-14 7:47am    
Hithe url shows current date weeknumber. but I have input as month number ,week number for tht month and year. i don have paerticular date.
[no name] 1-Jul-14 13:45pm    
And so? I don't see how that could possibly be a problem when you have not made any effort at all to solve your own problem.
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 1-Jul-14 7:40am    
In a month there are more than one weeks!?
OriginalGriff 1-Jul-14 7:47am    
Oh gawd yes...week number is a PITA: week one is the first week that contains a Thursday in the new year. So the 1st of January can be in week one, or in the last week of the previous year. Which could be Week 51, 52, or 53, depending on when Jan 1st of *that* year fell...
And don't forget that there may be a Feb 29th stuck in the middle which means it isn't as simple as it could be :laugh:

Fortunately, it's all worked out for you these days!

Your question is not clear, whatever it is, you should be able to work out your solution by referring to these:
1. how-to-get-week-number-of-the-month-from-the-date-in-sql-server[^]
2. get-the-week-start-date-and-week-end-date-from-week-number-in-sql[^]
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sushma_bhardwaj 1-Jul-14 7:54am    
thanks for the urls. can we get week number by using month number and year???
example. i have month number as 6 (june) year (2014) for june week number is 23 that means first week number. can we do that .. help me please,
Try this

Select DatePart(week, '2012/11/30') // **returns 48**
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sushma_bhardwaj 1-Jul-14 7:55am    
HiI tried this. this is shows correct . but instead of giving date (2014/11/30), is there any logic to get week number from month number and year.
sasidharraju 1-Jul-14 8:08am    
just u check this url may be it's useful
sasidharraju 1-Jul-14 8:10am    
check one more url
sushma_bhardwaj 1-Jul-14 8:26am    
Thank you
but the TRUNC key word is not supporting inmy DB SQL 2008 :(

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