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Hi there, please help me with a sample code i can use to navigate/link to different pages of my website, other than using the property window. i am developing an website and i would like to use a custom code behind buttons so that i can be able to navigate through my different pages. I know about the property for controls and i don't want to use that, nut rather i would love to have a custom code. Please help me.

Yours faithfully,

Use this under the onclick event of your buttons:

Response.Redirect("bla bla");
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If on your .aspx page you have a set of links:
<a id="link1" runat="server/><br mode=" hold=" /><a id=" link2=" runat=" server="" />

Then you can in your code behind in the OnPreRender:
link1.Href = "";
link1.InnerText = "The Code Project";

link2.Href = "";
link2.InnerText = "MSDN";

You can do the same thing with a <asp:hyperlink ...> tag except you set the NavigateUrl and Text properties.
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there r two ways to redirect to another page from ur page, both the ways has there prows and cons which u can kno frm internet or books
1: response.redirecr("urpage.aspx")
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you can use server side as well as client side code to achieve this. use response.redirect for server side, onclick event and window.location of javascript onclick event, to redirect page.
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