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Hi Everyone,

I want to add a slide menu to my windows phone 8 application.As I am new to this, I am feeling some kind of difficulty in achieving this. I have gone through the following url and tried to implement it in my app.



If anyone have already used / implemented this, please share the steps to achieve this.

What I have tried....

I have installed "slideview" using package manager console with following code
Install-Package SlideView

Then added the following code in app.xaml

            <library:SlideApplicationFrame Header="ManageIT"
                <pages:LeftView />
                <pages:RightView />

Now I have following build errors...

Error   1   Nested properties are not supported: Application.RootVisual.
Error   2   The attachable property 'RootVisual' was not found in type 'Application'.
Error   3   Unexpected PROPERTYELEMENT in parse rule PropertyElement ::= . PROPERTYELEMENT Content? ENDTAG..


I have undone the above change and added the following in mainpage.xaml after installing slideview using package manager console

    <Grid background="Teal"
            Width="400" />

    <Grid background="Tomato" />

    <Grid background="LightYellow" />
    <Grid background="YellowGreen"

But I have another set of build errors as follows...

Error 1 The namespace prefix "controls" is not defined.

Error 2 SlideView is not supported in a Silverlight project.

Error 3 The namespace prefix "controls" is not defined.

Error 4 The type 'controls:SlideView' was not found. Verify that you are not missing an assembly reference and that all referenced assemblies have been built.

Thanks & regards
Updated 9-Jul-14 1:42am
Maciej Los 7-Jul-14 9:28am    
Sebastian, you are experienced member of this forum. Please, be more specific and provide more details about your issue. "I'm feeling kind of difficulty" description of your issue is not enoogh.

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