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I'm trying to extend a property for every ToolStripMenuItem but that doesnt seems to be working.

bool IExtenderProvider.CanExtend(object extendee)
    return extendee is ToolStripMenuItem;

if I change it to Control it works good for Controls but not with ToolSripItem.

I'm using VS 2005, is that a problem ?

1 solution

Add the following line right above the class implementing the IExtenderProvider.

[ProvidePropertyAttribute("Property", typeof(ControlComponent))]
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Cool Smith 20-Jun-17 8:47am    
Where and how did you use this solution?
Xmen Real 21-Jun-17 0:47am    
Add that line right above the class implementing the IExtenderProvider.
Cool Smith 21-Jun-17 5:37am    
can you show me an example, as i tried the place, but app wont compile, pointing to the line of the code

C:\ExtenderProvider\MyClass.cs(16,50) : Error CS1031: Type expected
C:\ExtenderProvider\MyClass.cs(16,51) : Error CS1518: Expected class, delegate, enum, interface, or struct
C:\ExtenderProvider\MyClass.cs(16,62) : Error CS1026: ) expected
Xmen Real 23-Jun-17 19:26pm    
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