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if i have create backup for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R1 from Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2? Can i only convert a bak file? Please do not provide a solution to create a script.


No, In this particular case, SQL Server Management Studio is telling me that when SQL Server attempted to restore the backup, it realized that the backup was from SQL Server 2008R2 but I was restoring to SQL Server 2008. As a result, the restore failed.

You can’t restore a backup from a newer version of SQL Server to an older one.  Attach and detach will also fail.
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No. If you cretae a "proper backup" file for R2, then you can't restore it to R1 - you can go the other way, but you can't "downgrade" the data as R1 doesn't know anything about R2 (understandably)

So despite this: "Please do not provide a solution to create a script." I'm going to: your only option is to create a script.
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Only way is to create scripts (you can create script for 2008 or older version). During the generation of scripts you can choose between only schema, schema+data, only data...
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