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I have used checkbox onselectedindexchange event in updatepanel using listview in framework 3.5

But now i m developing in mvc razor 4,

and i have listview (using foreach in html) , and want to use checkbox onclick , filter listview and display new results.also when new results are displayed,the whole page should not be refreshed, only listview should be refreshed......

also if checkbox in unchecked , the result should again be filtered without checkbox value and display..

How to do this in MVC razor 4 c#
[no name] 15-Jul-14 7:24am    
you can do it in jquery

1 solution

Razor and c# are server side. Ajax is client side.

I think the path of least resistance for someone from web forms is a set of tools like Telerik[^]

If not, then you can always make a controller endpoint that uses a JsonResult rather than an ActionResult. You can call it from jquery (or regular javascript) and update the page with the results.

function foo(){
           //update your html here

public JsonResult MyEndpoint(/*args here*/)
  //do your programming to get the data
  var myData = /*result of your program query*/
  return Json(myData,JsonBehavior.AllowGet);

You can get much more complex with ajax forms, etc... but I think that is the easiest way to explain it.
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maulikshah1990 16-Jul-14 0:58am    
One problem i have is , i have multiple checkboxes , like

<input type="checkbox" name="stars[]" value="1" />1

<input type="checkbox" name="stars[]" value="2" />2

<input type="checkbox" name="stars[]" value="3" />3

<input type="checkbox" name="stars[]" value="4" />4

<input type="checkbox" name="price[]" value="121" />121

<input type="checkbox" name="price[]" value="254" />254

<input type="checkbox" name="price[]" value="312" />312

<input type="checkbox" name="price[]" value="410" />410

I want to use both checkbox values , i.e when any of price[] and stars[] is checked , call function from controller and filter table according to checkbox values.

if any checkbox unchecked / checked ,call controller function , and filter values ..

I Hope u understood what i mean ????

How to use ajax to get values from both checkbox list ,and then call same controller function ,
so that datatable return is filtered using both checkbox list , or etc...etc...
loctrice 16-Jul-14 8:19am    
You use jquery to get the values from the checked checkboxes similar to . Then you take the values and put them in the data section of your ajax call. You will also need to add them to your mvc controller so it has a place to map them.

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