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I have 2 tables


also a Form the sorce of the form is tblLeave

but i unbound all Boxes just i dont want to use any subform

I created a VBA code to create new records

Private Sub addrecord_Click()
    Dim db As Database
    Dim rs As Recordset
    Dim rs2 As Recordset
    Dim i As Integer

    Set db = CurrentDb
    Set rs = db.OpenRecordset("tblLeave")
    Set rs2 = db.OpenRecordset("tblLeaveDate")


        rs!EmployeeNr = txtEmployeeNr
        rs!ReasonType = txtReasonType
        rs!Details = txtDetails
        rs!RTWCompleted = txtRTW


    For i = 0 To txtDays


        rs2!LID = Me.LID
        rs2!CalendarDate = txtStartDate + i


    Next i

    ' Clean Up and Close

    Set rs = Nothing
    Set rs2 = Nothing
    Set db = Nothing

    MsgBox "The Adding Process was Successful"
End Sub

in both tables the ID are set to Automatic
now the problem is

rs2!LID = Me.LID

Most of the time it's Going thru this point but in tblLeaveDetails in record where should be LID is nothing

sometimes it will show a error Object is Deleted

I'm New to this Access VBA and its old 2003 Acces

and i just want to pass LID whats ID created automatic after creating Leave Record to LeaveDate to make sure reletion is made between two tables and i know what dates belong to what Leave ect

Any on can help ????

1 solution

OK NVM i find the solution

I create and Object X

Dim x As Integer

then i make that

x = db.OpenRecordset("SELECT @@Identity")(0)

I just forgot you can use that Qury then i pass the X to

rs!LID = x

rs2!LID = x

and vualaaaa all working fine my ID from new row in tblLeave is passed to LID field in tblLeaveDate

and i have my relation :)
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