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I want to use as a splash screen a text (that uses the whole real state screen) with transparent background.
The background is whatever is on screen, at the time my (nice) MFC application is instantiated.
What's the best/simplest method to accomplish it?

Improvement, as asked by some members:

I don't understand what's not clear in the question above. A splash screen is a very well known technique to show the user that the application is started, but it takes some time to be fully functional. In general, a splash screen shows some image. In my case, I want to show a specific text (that is dependent on the specific user, based on data stored in a DB) that will be shown on the whole screen, and must have transparent background. This means the user will experience a visual effect that just differs on the text displayed in the screen. I hope this clears out any incomprehension (why didn't anyone asked for clarifications?).

P.S.: I don't understand why the post was closed without any of the memebers having asked for clarifications. By the way, what's so mysterious about ***SPLASH SCREEN***?
[no name] 25-Jul-14 9:51am    
Good grief. Most if not all of us know what a splash screen is. What is not clear is what have you yourself done to accomplish this and what is the problem with the code that you have written?
arpoador 25-Jul-14 9:56am    
I reciprocate the grief/lament.
Why haven't you asked this question before closing a post about something you don't understand?
[no name] 25-Jul-14 9:59am    
Who said I don't understand? Instead of spamming the message board why did you not read the FAQ for how to ask a question?
arpoador 25-Jul-14 10:12am    
You said you don't know, because you closed my post.
Why did you close my post?
Because you don't understand what's a splash screen.
When you don't know something, ask someone who does! - this is a good lesson for everyone.

I'm not spamming nothing; you are.

I'm just asking a SIMPLE question.
Read your posts and see you are spamming my post.
arpoador 25-Jul-14 10:12am    
If you don't know the answer, just read other's answers - don't spam my post

1 solution

Based on your comment
Before implementing some code, I want to gather suggestions about a technique to solve the problem.
I would probably try something like...

Create a composite user control consisting of a transparent Text Box - example here[^] - obviously not editable.

I'd probably handle all of the relative positioning, z-order etc on the initialisation of the control and expose a property that would allow me to update the image and the text.

I'd place that on my splash form altering the opacity of the form to make it transparent also.

Actually, *I* would just use a normal splash screen with dynamically generated text - that way you have more control on whether or not the user can actually read the text on whatever background is present. And don't expect to win many friends by using up the entire screen real estate - you're making it more difficult for the user to "do something else" while your application is loading
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arpoador 26-Jul-14 2:09am    
Using a general purpose control is an overkill, let alone a composite control ( I guess it will need its *own*splash*screen* - LOL ). Do expect to win many enemies when you implement small windows that cannot fit inside them, all necessary info. Currently, OSes are preemptive multitasking, which make them very easy to switch from a *maximized* application to any other. Being a small screen will not make things any easier. For instance, no one uses VS in a small window - if you do, maximize it and you'll feel more comfortable.
A splash screen cannot be *another* program; it has to be simple.
CHill60 26-Jul-14 8:51am    
Not sure where you get the idea that a control will need it's own splash screen, nor where the comment about "another" program comes into it. As to "implement small windows that cannot fit inside them, all necessary info" ... another irrelevant comment. Unless this is for phone or tablet (in which case tag your question properly) then your design may be at fault if you need to present a user with that much information when an application is loading.
You've mentioned that this was a "simple" question - it might well be, but this was the wrong forum to present it in this way - please read the posting guidelines.
And try to be less "cocky" with your comments - you will put people off trying to help
arpoador 29-Jul-14 16:16pm    
""Not sure where you get the idea that a control will need it's own splash screen""
A splash screen is by definition, something quick to load, otherwise there's no point in using it. Your control must be loaded. Where? Propably as child window, which tells me, you'll have to create *2*windows *: the control's window and its parent window.
This post has nothing to do with windows phone, which means you don't understand anything about my question.
Also try to keep your opinions to yourself, because maximized windows won't get me less friends; maybe for you and your applications this is true. Moreover, I'm not asking any opinion, so, yours and any others' is irrelevant to me.
CHill60 29-Jul-14 19:27pm    
Unfortunately on most of your posts members have had to ask for more information - there is a common denominator here... you. Ask clear questions, tag them properly and you will get useful answers. You keep trying to explain to us what a splash screen is and what it is for, yet you clearly have no idea yourself. BTW every control will have it's own hwnd (that's a window handle) but not a "window" from the users perspective - get your terminology right and in context.
Good luck with your version of GUI design ... it's a little different from the industry standards, not saying it's wrong... just that it's a little different from industry standards.
arpoador 30-Jul-14 5:38am    
What's your problem dude? All my questions are clear. If you and your colleagues don't know what a *splash*screen* means, do as anybody else: ASK! Your solution (LOL) is a TextBox... For me it's not a solution, it's dditional problems: a heavy control to do just a simple thing, and it needs a parent window - your solution will need a splash screen of its own. And mind yourself to learn that a TextBox has a window! YES, THE TEXTBOX HAS A VISIBLE WINDOW(!)...
... unless your proposal is a TextBox control with a HIDDEN WINDOW... (LOL)...

Whenever you read a question and you don't understand it, then move on and forget this question: maybe, it's too advanced for you. And don't express your *opinions* as if they were standards, because they are not, they are just your opinions, and as such, keep them for yourself - you are the only one who uses an application full of visual information (like VS) in a small window.
I've just noticed a fixed pattern: there are 2 members down voting my posts! I bet anything that's you, with 2 accounts! Keep doing to show that not only your answers are low worth, but your character too.

In other words, there's nothing more for you to do in this thread, so, move on. But you seem to not understand it.

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