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i want to select the data from below table where my parameters are  @Subcatid=1,2,32

ID	Subcatid	ContributorID	LocationId
1	1	2	379
2	2	2	379
3	4	3	200
4	32	2	45
5	41	2	379
6	45	2	30
7	4	412	45
8	5	412	379
9	41	408	379
10	45	408	NULL
Dilan Shaminda 12-Aug-14 4:51am    
You have asked the same question here Use IN keyword

This is one way, but may not be the best
DECLARE @Subcatid AS VARCHAR(100) = '2,3,4'
EXEC ('select * from table where Subcatid in ('+ @Subcatid  +')')
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Kumarbs 12-Aug-14 5:35am    
Never go for the dynamic queries, unless until it is required. for this small query no need of that.
Amol_B 13-Aug-14 1:02am    
Yes , i Agree... that's what i said 'may not be the best'
You can use IN operator.

Select * from tableName where subcatid in (@Subcatid)
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Herman<T>.Instance 12-Aug-14 4:52am    
the @sucatId will holl hold: '2,3,4,...' So it is varchar, not int. You query will not give result.
Kumarbs 12-Aug-14 4:58am    
Well, if the string is constructed at db level, it works perfectly.
@p@richit 12-Aug-14 5:08am    
It works for me :)
create table main (ID int,	Subcatid int,	ContributorID int,	LocationId int)
insert into main values (1,1,2,379),(2,2,2,379),(3,4,3,200),(4,32,2,379)

DECLARE @Subcatid VARCHAR(50)='1,2,32'
DECLARE @myXML AS XML = N'<h><r>' + REPLACE(@Subcatid, ',', '</r><r>') + '</r></h>'

Select * from main where Subcatid In (
SELECT'.', 'INT') AS val
FROM @myXML.nodes('/H/r') AS Vals(id)

drop table main
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