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Hi! Please help me with this. I want to do two things in a string.
First, for example, the value of the string is "", I'd like to change it to "file.name_txt". If ever there are multiple ".", I'd like to change the last "." to "_" and retain the preceding ".".
Secondly, If I have a string value "file.name_txt.enc", I like to replace the last "_" to "." and remove the characters starting from the last "."
I'm familiar with the replace and remove methods of string but i don't know how to do it when there are repetition of the specific character that I want to replace or remove.
[no name] 17-Aug-14 8:17am    
Then you need to use IndexOf.

1 solution

Use string.LastIndexOf to ID the final 'dot' and then string.Substring to change it:
Dim filename As String = ""
Dim lastDot As Integer = filename.LastIndexOf("."C)
filename = filename.Substring(0, lastDot) & "_" & filename.Substring(lastDot + 1)

You can use similar code to do the second task.
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tony_01 17-Aug-14 9:09am    
It worked! Thank you very much @OriginalGriff. You're a big help!
OriginalGriff 17-Aug-14 9:35am    
You're welcome!

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