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Good day buddies.

Please I have a problem and I hope you guys can help me out.

I am working on VB.NET 2012 application that connects to ms sql server. I want to allow users to select the installed sever instance of their chioce so I have a module that present installed server instances for the user to select from.

After a selection is made, the module will then create the necessary database objects. My code raise error when it tries to create ms sql login in for the current user. I found that the error is raised by connectionstring(firstSQL) but I do not know to resolve it.

Please find below details of my code.

connectionStr = "Data Source=" & lstLocalSevers.SelectedItem.ToString & ";DataBase=;Integrated Security=SSPI"

Dim firstSQL As New SqlConnection(connectionStr)

<pre>'create login for the current user
Dim sql As New SqlCommand("if not exists (select NAME FROM sys.login_token" & ")  CREATE LOGIN " & us, firstSQL)

The error: 'Incorrect syntax near '-'. The '-' is part of the computer name(name-PC) and the instance is name-PC\SQLEXPRESS and the onnection string generate from the pc is '
"Data Source=name-PC\SQLEXPRESS;DataBase=;Integrated Security=SSPI"

Thanks in advance for your help

1 solution

Two solutions:

1) (best): Parameterize your query to the command object and use AddParameterWithValue for the argument: ... LOGIN @us" ...

2) enclose your argument in single quotes: ... LOGIN '" & us "'" ...

The first will be immune from SQL injection, the second will not be!
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noblepaulaziz 2-Sep-14 11:18am    
Thank you PhiLenoir for your reply. I am very sorry for the late reply. Your suggestion did not work. The 'us' is a string variable.

I found the solution. The problem was missing 'FROM WINDOWS'. The string should read:

Dim sql As New SqlCommand("if not exists (select NAME FROM sys.login_token" & ") CREATE LOGIN " & us & "FROM WINDOWS", firstSQL)

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