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I am working with my project. I have a grid view that displays lots of records. Now, I want to make my header for my grid view fixed whenever I scroll it down. I made my header fixed by inserting a CSS Selector on my .aspx code. But I got a problem. My header overllaped with the two columns on the first row. I do not know how to fix that. Can anyone help me out?

CSS Selector:
<pre lang="xml">.FixedHeader{
position: absolute;
font-weight: bold;

.aspx code:

<asp:Gridview ID="Gridviewchecklist" HeaderStyle-CSSCLass="FixedHeader" runat="server" DataKeyNames="checklist_code" AutoGenerateColumns="False" AllowSorting="true" CellPadding="4" OnSelectedIndexChange="GridviewChecklist_OnSelectedIndexChange" ForeColor="#333333" Width="100%" OnSorting="Sorting_checklist" >
Updated 19-Aug-14 17:21pm
[no name] 17-Aug-14 21:31pm    
What do you mean you could not find it?
DarkDreamer08 17-Aug-14 21:38pm    
i mean there are articles that they drag a jquery script in their codes that was save in a folder. but i cannot find that file on the page that they posted their article. its just the .cs file and .aspx file. but where is the jquery that they added? that's what I mean. :)
[no name] 17-Aug-14 22:38pm    
Well... gee.... considering that we all have probably not read every single article on the internet, how would you expect us to know which articles that you are referring to out of the trillions of articles that it could be?
DarkDreamer08 17-Aug-14 23:27pm    
oh, yeah. Sorry about that. Why I did not think about that? How ridiculous I am? hahaha XD anyway, Thanks for your help. I am doing it now :)

1 solution

You have to download the file from official jQuery[^] site.
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DarkDreamer08 18-Aug-14 1:56am help me please here :)
Okay, sure. Please mark this as answer. :)
DarkDreamer08 18-Aug-14 23:16pm    
Kindly help me here... pleaseee :) I really nedd a hand here..
It is solved. :D Great. :)
DarkDreamer08 19-Aug-14 1:43am    
Yeah, Thanks to all that helped me :) like you! XD

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