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Hello All,

I am writing on this page for the first time and I believe and enjoy discussion on this platform.
I need assistance in a situation where I want to read text file to array. I have added the file to the app via properties, debug tab and select the text file.
Now I wanted to be able to read the content of the file just like I can in this way.

Dim Elines() as String

Elines = IO.File.ReadAllLines("Jumpers.txt")

normally working with the above code its fine, I can further read each line and split by a value, but trying to do this

Elines = IO.File.ReadAllLines(My.Resources.ResourceManager.GetObject("Jumpers.txt"))

I got the error "Value cannot be Null"

Thank you all in anticipation.

1 solution

If you have added it as a resource, all you need is to say:
Dim allLines As String = My.Resources.Jumpers
And use Split to break it into lines.
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Ibpet11 25-Aug-14 11:30am    
Thank you OriginalGriff

this is the Solution I needed.
OriginalGriff 25-Aug-14 11:49am    
You're welcome!

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