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I've made an exe file ( in wpf) ,and write it on a CD .
How can I limit another one , not to be able to copy the exe file?
or if he/she copies that ,it doesn't execute?
Updated 14-May-10 3:39am

There are several protection tecniques for CDs, for instance intentionally insert corrupted data onto the CD raw image.
However be aware that in allowance to the laws of some counties, the user has the right to make a copy of his software for backup purposes (just in case the original support get damaged), and currently the most of software houses don't put protections on the software CDs or DVDs, preferring other protection schemes: product keys and or activation keys, hardware dongles, license files, ...

There are several tools that are able to add software and/or hardware protection schemes to your assemblies; the best depends on your target audience, budget, deployment method, and so on.
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You won't be able to stop the copy and to restrict usage you'll need some sort of license/validation key mechanism
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Nima.naqipoor wrote:
How can I limit another one , not to be able to copy the exe file?

Delete the file :).

You can probably move this file to a folder that can only be accessed by you - either by using Windows access permissions or by using a "folder password" program.

You can use a licensing key mechanism within your code to allow only those knowing the key to execute it. If you search on the internet you may find some sites which will help you create and validate against a license.
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