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I've got an ASP.NET application, and I'm wondering what the best practice is for sitting some data. I've got 3 scenarios, described below along with what I'm currently doing:

-Application settings Currently being stored as an Xml-serialized object that's being read from a file and deserialized on session_start

-User level settings Stored and accessed the same way as the admin settings, except this is modifiable via a form

-The user's username Currently being retrieved via active directory on an authentication page

Each piece of data is being accessed from different sections of the web app issuing in-proc session storage. I'll shortly be making the settings variables serializable to allow out-of-proc storage site scalability.

If anyone could recommend any extra reading on the subject, I'd appreciate that, too. Thanks!
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 31-Aug-14 20:09pm    
I think this is hard or impossible to give a Quick Answer; it all highly depends specifics of your application and requirements.

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This depends on the amount of information you're going to save, caching requirements, backup requirements and so on. But few considerations you already may have thought:
- In my opinion, the fact that you're using AD for users is good so I wouldn't change that even if you consolidate other storage.
- If you plan to start saving more information at some point in the future, I'd suggest using a database, either SQL or NO-SQL.
- If you think you could need to use several web servers on different servers, in my opinion by using a database it would be easier to handle different kinds of concurrency related issues.
- Regardless of the storage mechanism, remember to include it in your backup strategy in a proper manor.
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